Apr 21, 2018  
2017 Fall Academic Catalog 
2017 Fall Academic Catalog

Master of Science in Health Informatics

The Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) program is designed to provide graduate students with a skill-set that helps those new to the field of health informatics to transition into it and those already there to rise to the next professional level.  The program focuses particularly on healthcare information systems. Students will learn–from multiple perspectives–the impact of health informatics on the continuum of patient care. Graduates can find careers in such places as hospitals, clinics, insurance organizations, academia, research, vendor companies, and consulting firms.


Masters Level Goals

  • Knowledge
  • Service
  • Professionalism


  1. Knowledge

Students will demonstrate content and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in their field by:

  • Synthesizing and applying concepts, theories, principles, and research from healthcare, health informatics, and healthcare-related disciplines.
  • Improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care delivery through the use of health informatics.
  • Demonstrating professional communication skills and techniques.
  • Integrating ethical, legal, economic, and cultural considerations in the application and promotion of health informatics.


  1. Service

Students will demonstrate willingness to use their skills to benefit and serve society by:

  • Promoting best practices in healthcare through the use of health informatics.
  • Developing health informatics-related policies and procedures that are responsive to societal trends and health care needs.
  • Upholding social responsibilities within a healthcare delivery system


  1. Professionalism

Students will demonstrate life-long learning through the continuous enhancement of their professional knowledge and skills by:

  • Seeking professional educational opportunities.
  • Acquiring pertinent certifications and/or credentials.
  • Participating in professional organization meetings.

Total Hours

Core Courses 24 credit hours; Electives plus Capstone 12 credit hours;  Total 36 credit hours

Elective Options and Capstone

Degree Completion Requirements

  • Complete all required coursework and Capstone requirement (36-39 credit hours) for your concentration with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. 
  • Must meet all financial responsibility to the university. 
  • Time to completion of degree must be within five years  
  • Apply for graduation 
  • Complete graduation checkout process 

Master of Science in Health Informatics Coursework Restrictions

DC students concurrently enrolled in the Master’s degree program are not allowed to take online Master’s coursework for courses required in the DC degree program.

Master of Science Time to Completion Policy

  1. Students may start coursework at three different times per year (January, May, or September).
  2. Students must finish coursework within five calendar years from the date of initial enrollment. Any student wishing to extend the five-year completion requirement must secure the approval of the Dean of the College Health Sciences.