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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions





Health Informatics

   •  HLTI05203 Current Topics in Health Informatics
   •  HLTI06102 Leadership Skills for Health Informatics Professionals
   •  HLTI06103 Experiential Learning in Health Informatics

Health Management

   •  HLTM05101 Organization Behavior and Workflow Design
   •  HLTM05201 Operations in Healthcare Organizations
   •  HLTM05202 Project Management
   •  HLTM05203 Business and Financial Skills for Health Informatics Professionals
   •  HLTM06102 Practical Quality Management
   •  HLTM06103 Applied Quality and Regulatory Practices
   •  HLTM06201 Medical Device Regulations
   •  HLTM06202 Quality Assurance Project Management
   •  HLTM06203 Healthcare Economics

Health Professions Education

   •  HLTE06101 Issues in Health Professions Education
   •  HLTE06102 Principles of Classroom Assessment & Evaluation for Health Professionals
   •  HLTE06201 Clinical Outcome Development and Performance Assessment
   •  HLTE06202 Education Technology in the Classroom
   •  HLTE07101 Curriculum Development and Evaluation for Health Professionals
   •  HLTE07102 Instructional Design
   •  HLTE07201 Diversity in Education
   •  HLTE07202 Introduction to Proposal Writing
   •  HLTE07301 Research Publication Seminar
   •  HLTE08101 Applied Research Project A
   •  HLTE08102 Applied Research Project B
   •  HLTE08201 Education Preceptorship/Practicum I (online)
   •  HLTE08202 Education Preceptorship/Practicum II (Online or Residential)
   •  HLTM07101 Organizational Change and Development
   •  HLTS07101 Fundamentals of Program Development
   •  HLTS07201 Leadership
   •  PSYH06101 Learning Principles
   •  PSYH06102 Behavioral Theories in Education
   •  PSYH06103 Cognitive Psychology and Instruction
   •  RMET07101 Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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